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Michael Cheung Wall Art

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Michael Cheung is a photographer from Hong Kong. He was influenced by the mixed eastern and western culture in Hong Kong where he grew up. As a boy, he was a big fan of Japanese anime, action/horror/Sci-Fi movies and of comic characters like Dragonball. He developed his drawing style through personal art creation and years of experience in fashion graphic design. He gained extensive knowledge in many areas of graphic design and communication during his study in a design institute. What motivates him to do what he does is his passion for art creation, and the artist he admires most is Banksy. Cheung creates a lot of his artworks using photography, pen, pencil, moving images and his computer. He finds his inspiration in his daily surroundings; TV and film programs, news, local and global popular topics, music, etc are his favorites.

He mostly does conceptual art. He believes in experimentation and freedom to create special artworks. Cheung’s styles vary, depending on the mood he’s in and the subject. His artwork is driven from within. He is currently working as a graphic designer in a garment company. He tries different techniques or styles to express his ideas. Cheung would like to encourage people to focus their personal problems or on social issues. He says that if there’s one thing he can not leave behind, it is his mobile phone. He uses it to take videos/photos, and to sketch some ideas with a drawing app. The phone also helps him get inspired by surfing on the Internet.
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