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Ellen Fisch Wall Art

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC, Ellen Fisch has been working as an artist for several years. The building boon of the 1950s gave her a rare opportunity to witness a merging of older architecture, novel ideas in building and a renewal that incorporates the old and new in New York City. This exhilarating time of design and architecture strongly influenced her imagination. Before then, her enthrallment with visual arts drew her to many aesthetics, such as architecture, photography, magazine illustrations, museum paintings, and nature. She began to incorporate many of these elements into her own paintings, drawings and photographs. Throughout her childhood she was evolved as an artist and a photographer, using painting, drawing and photography to communicate her artistic expression. The defining theme of the black-and-white and sepia photographs created by her is Architecture. Through her representations of architectural structures, a timeless motif emerges capturing the beauty and history of craftsmanship and form.

After finishing school, the artist entered the architecture and design field as a draftsman. On weekends and during the nights, Ellen did freelance work as a commissioned painter and photographer. Ultimately, she combined her love for art, architecture and photography into a career of creating architectural fine art photography and architectural photography. Ellen is devoted to the aesthetic of architecture, and she shares her appreciation of its line, form and design through her photography work. Just recently, the artist furthered her art photography (architectural) by using a unique technique that she developed and trademarked. This technique involves applying traditional fine arts onto a photograph by hand.
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Luminous Archway Fine Art Print
Luminous Archway
14" x 17"
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