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Gery Luger Wall Art

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Gery Luger (Born in 1951) lives and works in Austria. He has been described as the icon of our century. In terms of art, he’s a globetrotter. Luger collects motifs from all over the world and they really fascinate him. He combines them to form complex images. For example, to make a movie poster, he combines different scenes, one on top of the other. He focuses on the symbolic effect. Whether in Havana or New York, Che Guevara or Marilyn, Luger’s pictures capture and hold on to the enduring meaning of these cities or the timeless effect of the icons of our century. His style is undoubtedly representative of color, fancy and happiness. The artist is highly versatile and uses mixed media freely. He enjoys experimental art and is continually developing and expanding his creative vision and style. His works are a recently new discovery for many people, and the iconic in style is rare among artists.

It is evident that travel has a strong influence on his work. Key cities around the world have provided a rich source of inspiration to base his artwork on. His efforts have developed a technique of art that possesses its one of a kind identity. Luger has spent his life traveling around the world, like many people could only dream of. He travels to find captivating and stunning locations to reproduce in his work. This includes famous buildings, iconic scenes, and some of the most celebrated models and actresses of our time. Luger produces a wide range of art prints which are available to buy online.
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