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Natalie Alexander was born in London, England, where she currently lives and works. She’s a painter, sketcher and photographer. This multi-talented artist has love of the traditional design methods of letterpress and screen printing. She describes her style as contemporary with a raw element. She likes her designs to have a slightly unpolished appearance and she really enjoys working with bold color palettes. It is this rough layered and unfinished look that most people think is particularly successful in Natalie’s designs. Her designs are a fusion of ideas including drawings, photographs and screen-prints. She uses lots of color and layers to give her work interesting movement and depth and finally she manipulates them digitally. Natalie studied at Bradford University for a BA (Hons) in Graphic Media Communications, where she focused on illustration.

As a student, she embarked on “The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design” which was a groundbreaking e-course. The inspirational course is co-founded by Rachael Taylor, a very talented surface pattern designer and close friend of Natalie, and entrepreneur Beth Nicholls. Visits to different parts of the world have provided her with source material for her designs. She is inspired by both urban landscapes and the peace and tranquility of rural England. Natalie is not afraid to fail at an experiment, but believes that success comes from trial and error. She believes that each piece of art or a chapter is an incomplete exercise and can be pounded and reshaped into a success. The diverse students she met in college and her years of work have given her the ability to view the same subject from a different perspective and have shaped her versatile nature.
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