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Richard Van Genderen Wall Art

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Richard Van Genderen (Born 1948) was born of an American mother and an Indonesian/Dutch father. His artistic life evolved from Africa’s wild plains. He grew up in Africa and has been strongly influenced by his childhood experiences. A plethora of dangerous reptiles and animals challenged his survival instincts on his daily wanderings in the bush country. His parents instilled in him a profound sense of self-discipline and a deep love of learning. His father met and married, a young American Red Cross nurse called Hilda. His father was a World War II test pilot and Hilda was attending to him when he was critically wounded in flight combat. The couple began their new life in the African interior with the birth of Van Genderen, the eldest of three children. 18 years later following Van Genderen’s graduation from a British boarding school in Bulawayo, he fulfilled his dream of immigrating to America.

He flew to California to attend college. After college he worked on top secret research and development projects within the aerospace industry. Some years later, Van Genderen felt so drained, so he boarded a passenger ship and traveled to Europe. It was in Europe that he daily immersed himself in, reading about every school of art and every artist while practicing the craft of drawing diligently. His explorations culminated with a journey to the home of Salvador Dali, a surrealist master in Spain. Even though he’s a staunch realist and traditionalist in his techniques, his pictures provide an air of mystery and reflect a sense of magic.
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