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Henry Lee Battle Wall Art

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Henry Lee Battle was born in California. He is well traveled and now lives in suburban Atlanta GA. He signed his work “Hbatto.” He loved art from a tender age and could spend much of his free time drawing painting and sketching. He knew that at one point in life he would become a professional artist. He has achieved his dream and his subject matter ranges from romance to family and spiritual-oriented. Battle feels the passion of his subjects from a distance, after which he makes the viewer to want to walk up close and be drawn into the detail of it, and in the process discovering a bit more each time. In 1991 while stationed at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Battle produced his first artwork, a colored pencil drawing; limited edition entitled “Last Single Thoughts.” Battle has a strong spiritual base and he believes that art is not only his gift from God, but also an assignment to portray and capture positive spirited images of life. Battle is never content; he spends many hours every day polishing his vision, creativity and style, to further his ability to portray images in the best possible way.

He gains inspiration from the talents he observes in others lifting their gifts to the highest highs. He has gained remarkable popularity in the last couple of years, and has become one of the best-selling commercial artists in the country. Battle’s art is adorning the walls of many homes, galleries, institutions and museums. They are in great demand all over the world. Battle uses his art as a means through which he communicates to his viewers his innermost feelings about nature.
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