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Deac Mong (Born in 1955) has been an artist for close to 40 years. His actual name is Daniel. Deac has been his nickname since he was a little tiny kid. Many people think that he has an Asian ancestry and they get so surprised when they meet him and discover that he has no Asian ancestry. His last name, Mong, is of German or Dutch origin, and there’s no link to the Hmong people who live in Laos and Vietnam. That name is very common in and around Franklin. He has been an artist since 1980. He holds a bachelors degree in advertising from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Since his graduation, Mong has produced so many high quality pieces of art. And for quite a number of years, she commuted between northwest Pennsylvania and Chicago to serve his clients.

It was in Chicago where Mong became a partner in a company that was given the task of providing art for 5-star hotels and retailers. He was much known since he had painted several assignment including portraits for William White who was a Senior Judge in Venango County. The jurist asked him to do a historical painting for the courthouse. The work was very successful and this made him to be very famous and so he was asked by Martin J. O'Brien to paint another historical scene. Martin J. O'Brien was the retired Butler County Judge. Mong reads a lot, especially the journals to prepare for his tasks because he’s a self taught artist.
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