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Chris Honeysett Wall Art

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Since 1968, Chris Honeysett (Born 1965) has been making photographs, at the age of 3. It just began as a curiosity with a plastic box camera and it eventually turned into a primary passion in life and a career. He feels excited to be alive when he’s making an image. He says it’s as if life is at a peak at that very moment, and he’s privileged to share in the excitement. After making an image, he bows to the subject in thanks. At around the age of 5, he saw an Adams Ansel’s exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. He remembers at one point standing right up against a framed print, and wondering how Adams Ansel had done it. That has become the indefinable thing which makes an image compelling to the viewer and photographer.

Seeing it in Adams Ansel’s prints all those years ago left in him a desire to find that magic in his own photography. A Nikon FM was his first serious camera; and he also had a few lenses. He used to make color images of just about everything he could come across, and got his chops on that camera. He began using a 4” by 5” view camera in 1987, and he was using black-and-white film exclusively. In fact, all of his prints were made in his modest wet darkroom for more than 20 years. Come in 2009, he embraced a workflow that’s all-digital, using HP DesignJet printer and the Canon 1DS Mark II camera.
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