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Slavko Zgonjanin Wall Art

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Slavko Zgonjanin is a painter, sculptor, ceramist and teacher. He says that he creates what he likes: places in his memory, his thoughts, his visions, his dreams, his feelings; that's the freedom of his life and work. His goal is to portray a sense of beauty, strength, and balance through his prints, posters and art. Variety and experimenting with different techniques and styles are deep inside of his being. Zgonjanin plays with color to balance each composition and add to it some beauty and warmth. Discovering great joy in paintings, ceramic creations and sculpture has made his work wide open to different styles, techniques and mediums. Each of his pieces contains groups of simple objects that he arranges in various compositions playing on the weight and balance of each element to bring out the best in each. He’s been making ceramic jewelry for about 35 years now.

His sculptures, paintings, ceramics and painted furniture can be found in many corporate and private collections in Europe, the US, Canada, South America and Australia. His jewelry is sold in more than 70 different countries. The images he paints evoke a sense of timelessness, a contemplative mood, and tranquility. It is through this combination of the elements of composition and materials that he strives for beauty, balance and strength. Many of his art have appeared in several permanent corporate collections. Her work has been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions. Zgonjanin loves what he does and cannot imagine life without art. He believes that it’s through art that the artists intentions or feelings and be expressed most accurately.
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