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Maxine Thomas Wall Art

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Maxine Thomas started publishing her designs in 1988. She has been painting and teaching her folk art style for more than 30 years. Since she began her works in art, she has authored 14 instructional painting books and she has been featured in many craft magazines. Her books aside, the artist sells pattern packets that teach other artists how to paint her designs on flat surfaces or on pre-prepared wooden objects such as tree ornaments, boxes, plates, candle boxes and plaques. Once in a while, she’s off to another country, state or city to teach her techniques to a new batch of enthusiastic students. Maxine is in such high demand that her teaching schedule is already booked for the next three years. The artist enjoys collecting vintage Americana memorabilia which she uses as her inspiration.

Apart from painting, her other passion is family…her 4 children and 10 grandchildren, and her husband of more than 40 years. Maxine is particularly happy when all the elements of art come together harmoniously in her paintings, and is even happier when viewers of her art remark on that togetherness. She’s a much diversified artist in her work. She paints in a unique style in that she uses many brushstrokes to paint the images. The qualities that are common in her art include gentle colors that she applies carefully on the surface. Many clients like to purchase her art because they can be used to decorate any space. Currently, her art hang on the walls of many buildings around the world. Simplicity is what defines her art and summarizes her overall style.
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