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Charles Craig Wall Art

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Charles Craig (Born 1846 – died 1931) was born in Morgan County, Ohio. Self-taught as an artist, he’s known as an important Western landscapist, Indian genre painter, and illustrator. In 1865, he made his first trip to the west up the Missouri River and spent 4 years with various tribes of Indians. He went as far as Fort Benton in Montana. When he returned from the trip, he opened a studio in Zanesville, Ohio from where he painted portraits from photographs or from life for $75 each. This money helped to raise tuition fee for his training. Craig joined the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in 1872 and graduated the following year. He also studied with the younger brother of Thomas Moran called Peter Moran. On returning to Zanesville, Craig painted Custer’s Last Charge, using implements and descriptions from the battlefield. On his way to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1881, and at the urging of Jack Howland, fellow painter, he became the first major artist from the west to paint in Taos, New Mexico.

Later on in 1883, he decided to return to New Mexico to sketch in Santa Fe and Taos. However, the artist settled in Colorado Springs, where he made his home for 5 decades. Craig’s first studio was in Opera House building of Howbert. His many trips to southwestern Colorado to the Ute reservation made his paintings of this period to have the accuracy of ethnological detail. His style was described as literal and hard-edged. However, quite a number of paintings of this period were lost due to a fire in the old Antler Hotel in 1895. The hotel at that time housed his studio.
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