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John Seerey-Lester Wall Art

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John Seerey-Lester is a world-renowned artist who was born in Manchester, England, where he grew up with a sketch book in hand. He received his first commission at the early age of thirteen, and became a professional artist in 1974. For some 10 years prior to this, he was a freelance writer, journalist, editor of several magazines and he also worked in public relations and advertising in both the local government and private sector in the United Kingdom. After making his first trip to East Africa in 1980, Seerey-Lester began painting images of the natural world. This became a turning point in his career. His respect for the work of David Shepherd, fellow English artist, heavily influenced his decision to travel to Africa and paint wildlife. In 1982 he moved to the US and signed with Mill Pond Press just after one year. Since then Seerey-Lester has had some 300 limited edition prints published.

Demand for his original works has become stronger each year and many of his prints are sold out within days of release. His images have mystical and a mysterious appeal that’s directly related to his ability to paint the unusual. Not many artists display the ability to paint wildlife in all the natural elements as he does. His skill in painting snow and mist is evident in Polar Lookout and wildlife in subdued light, such as Dark Presence or, Out of the Darkness Into the Light. This has created a demand for his art. Seerey-Lester was commended for his work in conservation and was presented to His Royal Highness Prince Phillip. He has received much recognition and many awards for his outstanding achievements in the field of wildlife art.
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