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Scherry Talbott Wall Art

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Scherry Talbott is a self-taught artist who has enjoyed participating in craft shows for almost 20 years. Scherry believes that God has purposefully given everyone an ability to create. This belief has helped her realize the importance of sharing her gift on a larger scale. She has also gained expertise by contributing in wholesale trade shows with her family for more than 20 years. She has inspired professional and aspiring artists around the world. Her unique style gives her images an original, distinctive look that is distinct from the works of other artists and sure to be popular with art enthusiasts. She uses acrylic paints to produce her primitive folk art paintings. Scherry has presented her art at several art exhibitions and shows with much success. Her art has received positive reviews both from judges and viewers.

Professional art critics have also appreciated her work. Her aim as an artist is to make the viewer to stop, take a second look at her art and rest in a pure form of beauty and satisfaction. Her art has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally. Scherry enjoys laughter of good friends and peaceful outdoors in a small town of Missouri. Both of these are very important influences on her folk style art that warms the heart of her viewers. Her style is focused on theatrical and ordinary lighting, which evokes in her viewers very strong emotions. Acrylic has been her main medium of choice. She uses acrylic paints to create images with depth, warmth and texture.
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