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Tom N Ellie was born in the East End. He is largely self-taught as an artist who started photography just as a hobby. This has developed into a full time career and he’s now one of the best photographers in the East End, if not the whole world. Ellie has been photographing for several years now and his images usually capture the attention of the viewers. He’s good at working with color, compositions ad other elements to bring the best out of his images. Ellie knows how to choose sceneries and setting that are memorable. He does not just take photos that are just meant for hanging on the wall, but those that are also inspiring. He’s a source of inspiration to many upcoming photographers. His art has been to many exhibitions where they have been received warmly and have also received positive criticism from many professional critics.

Ellie is keen to detail and is able to capture certain moments that can easily be ignored by other photographers. He’s also a regular visitor of galleries where he goes to observe what other artists are doing to help him learn new techniques and styles. This, he says, is to keep his photography at per with the current trends so as to increase the collectability of his photographs. Ellie also travels a lot and gets much inspiration from his travels. He loves what he does and can not exchange it for anything else. His art is in many collections all over the world.
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