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Pieter (Elder) Brueghel Wall Art

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Pieter (Elder) Bruegel (Born between 1525 and 1530) was a designer for engravings and a painter from Netherlands. Bruegel was born in a town near Breda on the modern Belgian-Dutch border. His work provides an elemental and profound insight into man and his relationship to the world of nature. He lived at a time when Italian mannerism strongly influenced the northern art, but despite his journey to Italy to study, he was surprisingly independent of the dominant artistic interests of his day. Bruegel instead, intentionally revived the Hieronymus Bosch’s late Gothic style as the point of departure for his own highly original and complex art. He entered the Antwerp painters' guild in 1551, and his master was Pieter Coecke van Aelst, the Antwerp painter, whose daughter he (Bruegel) married in 1563. Bruegel went to Italy between 1552 and 1553. He visited Rome where he met Giulio Clovio, the miniaturist whose will has a list of 3 paintings by Bruegel.

In 1555, the artist returned to Antwerp via the Alps. This journey resulted into a number of superb drawings of mountain landscapes. In 1556, Bruegel got engaged at Hieronymus Cock’s house as a designer for engravings. Cock was a publisher in Antwerp. Bruegel’s pen drawing of 1556 titled “Big Fish Eat Little Fish” was published by Cock in 1557 as an engraving. Cock substituted the name of Bosch for Bruegel's so as to exploit the fashion for the works of Bosch then current at Antwerp. Bruegel was an inventive draftsman and painter and he boldly created new subjects while at the same time brought a humanizing spirit to traditional ones.
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