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Mick Gronek Wall Art

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Mick Gronek is a visual artist based in Southern California. Since 1977, he has been involved in a process of exploration that is influenced by printmaking techniques and rooted in the traditions of painting.  Through these techniques Gronek has crafted his own style and created his own interpretation of contemporary abstraction.  He studied at U.C. Riverside, after which he began to experiment the “chemical painting” process using various metals and patinas to create the images. Gronek has participated in many group and solo exhibitions, including juried shows by Peter Frank, an art critic and artists Laddie Dill and Judy Chicago.  After completing his Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Claremont Graduate University, he began exhibiting his work n a serious note. He’s currently represented by Velocity Art and Design in Seattle, WA and Fresh Paint in Culver City; CA.

Gronek lives in San Jacinto and is a teacher at Mt. San Jacinto College. He was very happy to spent extra hours with the creative people at the studio when developing a new campaign for a client. Acting within the constructs of painting, his art involves the application of patinas on various metals to provoke an alchemical transformation. He sets into motion a partly uncontrolled oxidation process that continues to react to its environment in a variable state. The activated surface is then layered visually to create a haziness of meaning and spatial depth. His art is available in many art stores all over the world.
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