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Carmen Gimenez Wall Art

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Carmen Gimenez (Born in 1958) was born in Zaragoza to a family with many interests in the arts. He studied Art History at the Zaragoza Philosophy College, where he also took lessons at the Fine Arts School in the same town. He completed his training with courses on the treatment of stone and other materials. He believes that an artist, even though he’s not painting or sculpting with his hands, does it with the look or the thought. And one way or another, it always is part of the artist’s life. He says that the creative act belongs to the deepest corner individual’s imagination, to an unqualified solitude and there is a moment in which it ceases belonging to an individual. The artist currently lives near the French border in a place called Jaca.

He has exhibited throughout France and Spain, and his pieces of art are found in many art stores in many countries all over the world. Gimenez has also received very many awards for his animated contemporary works. His love for matter, light and color translates into his paintings. Gimenez’s compositions and lines are confident and lively, always urging freedom and search. His works share a perfect alchemy between emotions and strength; his lines are pure and they show his viewers only what is essential and releases the viewers to venture further into their imaginations. His pieces of art are admired by many and can be seen on the walls of some of the most prestigious buildings in the world.
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