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Jorge Azri Wall Art

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Jorge Azri loved art since his childhood. He started painting on his own from childhood. His passion for painting could be seen by all those around him as he could spend most of his free time sketching, drawing and painting. Many people encouraged him to pursue art as a career and he got the support of his friends and family. In 1980, Azri decided to join the Art School of Madrid where he studied art. He graduated in 1985, subsequently specializing in architecture and interior design. Much of his works are painted from imagination and are always notable for their accuracy. His works have been exhibited in several countries all over the world, and his original works can be found in many collections.

Azri has had many exhibitions, some of which he has done in groups while in others he goes solo. He participates in exhibitions in various galleries in Europe and the World; including Love Art Show, Toronto, ON Canada, Bruce Lurie Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Can Fondo, Alcudia (Mallorca), Matissos, Colonia Sant Jordi (Mallorca), Casal Pere Ignaci, Campos (Mallorca), Gal D’Art, Palma (Mallorca), Clonia Sant Jordi (Mallorca), among others. Azri selects his subjects carefully to increase their collectivity. He is also open to criticism and is always on the lookout for new styles and techniques. His works have found their way into many people’s homes and can also be found in many private and public institutions. His works are unique because he developed is own technique.
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