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S Rodriguez Wall Art

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S Rodriguez is based out of San José, California. He’s been fortunate to have his work shown in public and private art spaces, companies, museums, internet, galleries, and editorial publications. For several years, he was self-taught through the graffiti scene, but he later decided to expand his studies by joining the California College of the Arts where he pursued a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree. He’s since blended what he absorbed from both experiences to create his current style. Currently, he’s interested in two types of portraiture that he refers to as "Type Faces" and "Topographical Portraiture." He makes topographical Portraits by stylizing a portrait with shapes and topographical lines in a similar manner to those found in the images on geographic maps. His type faces incorporate portraiture and typography. He developed these through innumerable studio sessions, to use as a platform for his interest in cultural, historic, and social hybridity.

From his earliest beginnings he has been passionate for the emotive power of type and words and the visual communication of letters. In his art, the artist mainly explores the connection between facial gestures, type and letters, explaining that words are a conduit to visually convey our feelings and not just letters on a page. Rodriguez is a Mexican descent. However, he was born and raised in San Jose, California. He says that living in California is great because there are so many cultures. He admits, however, that when he was young, most people around him were Central American, or Mexican.
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