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Sabrina Roscino Wall Art

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Sabrina Roscino (Born in 1980) was born on the Isle of Wight, but now lives in Cowes. This is the home of the well-known Regatta. Sabrina confesses to spending many hours relaxing and at the same time sketching her ideas for new artwork. Following her recent holiday to Devon, she was inspired to create a series of raw seascapes that reflected the character of the place. Her main focus was color, and the rows of cottages that she squeezes onto banks of green foliage, are all set along the water’s edge. Sabrina has recently begun working with charcoal, both while painting and for preliminary sketching. She wanted her elephant paintings to remind her of the old photographs she has been tucking away for years. She based her paintings of New York on her holiday to New York a few years ago.

The artist says that it is a place which, once visited, one will never forget. Having grown up on a small island, Sabrina wasn’t prepared for the general scale of everything including art, not to mention the food that New York has to offer. She found immersing herself in all the hustle and bustle of the city to be incredibly stimulating. She combines pastel and charcoal, acrylic inks and acrylic paint. She has also been working with soft pastels, using the medium on top of acrylic paint. This help her in achieving some amazing colors, but also helps her in creating interesting textures. Sabrina studied media, design and art at the Isle of Wight College.
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