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Laura Monahan Wall Art

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Laura Monahan (Born February 26, 1977) was born in Bloomington, Indiana, United States. She loved art from a tender age and knew that she would become a professional artist some day. She knew that for her to achieve her dreams, she had to work extremely hard, and that what she did. Today she’s an art educator in America, a Member of Ohio Art Educators Association and a certified art teacher Ohio. She’s a member of several other professional art associations and societies. Laura is the daughter of Paul Cole (Stepfather) and Cynthia. She received her bachelor’s degree from Miami University, Oxford, in 1999, and a Master of Arts degree from Cincinnati University in 2002. Between 2002 and 2003, she worked as Art teacher in Cincinnati Public Schools. Since 2003, she has been an elementary art teacher at Milford Exempted Village (Ohio).

Apart from teaching Laura has been producing stunning pieces of artwork that are highly collected and priced highly by many discriminating collectors. Her art adorns the walls of many prestigious building around the world – including galleries, museums, homes, institutions, hotels, etc. Laura is keen to detail and the images she produces are very realistic. She wants the viewers to feel the same warm feeling she felt while she was producing the art. She has several repeat customers and her clients’ base is ever expanding. She now has clients all over the world and her art is produced in a variety of finishing options to ensure that the varying needs of her clients are fully satisfied.
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