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Barbara Bordnick Wall Art

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American artist Barbara Bordnick is known for her elegant captivating and images. She’s a fine art, portrait and fashion photographer. Barbara was born in the Bronx and got her education at the Pratt Institute, where she majored in fine art and fashion. While at the college, she discovered photography “miraculously” - reading a fashion magazine, her attention was drawn to one image that was shot by Richard Avedon. She instantly realized that she primarily admired the emotion, atmosphere and composition of the image, and not the fashion it represented. During her senior year, Barbara then decided to enroll in a very basic photography course at Pratt. After graduation, she traveled to Europe together with her husband, and lived in the city of Copenhagen. Here, she started taking photography with much vigor, and spent most of her time developing and learning new skills. Soon, she was hired by the Scandinavian magazine. This was her first photography job.

After some time, she left Copenhagen and moved to other European countries with her husband. Their next stops were Paris and Rome. While in Paris, Barbara had the courage to go to the French office of the Bazaar of American Harper. Here, the editor liked her art, and introduced her to the world of fashion photography. They lived here for a year and a half, after which they returned to the United States. While in New York, the artist sought work as a photography assistant, but she was surprised to realize that American photographers not ready to hire a woman. She therefore decided to go it alone and build a home studio from where she worked.
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