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Chris Bennett Wall Art

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Artist Chris Bennett (Born in 1957) was born and brought up in London. His works are abstract, strange, and often set in monotone worlds with distorted human images or with strange behavior of animals. Painted finely, his images are very realistic in terms of form even though they are abstract. The mediums on the canvas convey an ideal rather than an idea, and they depict strange actions with weight that viewers can almost feel in the image. Bennett studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in the early 80s under Phil Sutton, Geoffrey Camp and Euan Uglow. His works are in many prestigious galleries all over the United Kingdom. He has exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters at the London Mall Galleries and at the Royal Academy Summer Show. His paintings are the outcome of an internal experience being given an external shape.

The artist has the ability to give events a picturesque expression guiding his paintings to their realizations. His notable commission is a portrait he produce portraying Sir William Hawthorne. This portrait now forms part of the collection of Churchill College, Cambridge. For Bennett, there must always be the grain of sand in the oyster, a seed which symbolizes what is most important in his eyes and the eyes of the viewer, and that is alive and continues to live in oneself as the picture grows after being born. He believes that each piece has a story or a special message that it conveys to the viewer.
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