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Z Studio was launched in 1995 with Ondřej Záruba as its first CEO. The studio offers comprehensive services for corporate and technical printing and advertising. They handle the entire production, from content, graphic design and translation to printing, storage fulfillment, and distribution. We are text specialists. Their technical editorial department turns technical texts into manuals. They localize marketing copy from a foreign original into Czech or vice versa. They also have a translation department that handles professional translation of marketing and technical copy. Z Studio’s main goal is to offer their clients convenient service in producing promotional manuals and print.Every client communicates with just one manager who will look after the entire order and can therefore quickly react to changes and offer cost-saving alternatives. Urgent orders get priority handling.

They want their clients to meet their obligations to their own customers, so they focus on the client's deadlines and specific requirements. Since entering the business, Z Studio has become a solid partner to many international companies. Some of their customers have placed their trust in then for more than a decade. They design a complete visual style including logos and internal corporate print materials (such as annual reports, planners, pads, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, etc.), promotional print (online banner ads, billboards, flyers, POS materials, photo calendars, posters, catalogues, brochures, etc.), and 3D modeling as well as websites and Flash presentations. They digitally archive their clients’ data and store it indefinitely. If necessary, they can recreate a manual’s graphic design for easy comprehension.
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