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John Stevenson Wall Art

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Landscape painter John Stevenson hails from Canada. He finds unlimited inspiration in the colors and texture of nature that are never constant. Stevenson is now based in Quebec. He was born and raised in Ontario, a place that still inspires his art to date. While creating his own unique style, his light dappled compositions evoke Impressionists feeling and reveal the influence of several of the famous Group of Seven in Canada. He works both in his studio and at outdoor locations in Canada. The artist applies pure oil paints onto the canvas directly and then distributes and mixes the colors with a palette knife. This results in compositions that are complex fields of thick and smooth layers; sculptural images that respond differently to different points of view and lighting. Stevenson is firmly rooted in figuration.

That’s why his canvases shy away from strict realism in favor of textural beauty and a more intuitive, evocative image that transmits a multi-sensory sense of a specific time and place— rather than strictly visual imagery. The artist combines his styles of application with powerful choices of palettes and a dramatic flair for composition, enabling him to capture the landscapes in their entire fleeting yet vast splendor. He has become a much sought after photographer in the whole of Canada and beyond. His images are found all over the world in publication, galleries, private home, and in public and private spaces. Stevenson likes to elevate the everyday objects into something special. He’s always open to the surprises and opportunities each new day has to offer.
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