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Everyone knows the old saying “that a picture tells thousand words,” but what exactly does that mean? Can we infer that every image has a story behind it, from a humble holiday snap to a series of photographs taken of a wedding or even an emotive piece of photojournalism? As an independent viewer we naturally absorb and quickly process the information that we are presented with, we fill in the blanks and give the characters and settings a context and a narrative. Even if this is constructed or even tainted by our own personal experiences. Aldo knows how important it is to create a subtext to his work, an underlying plot that must be interpreted or read by the viewer. Aldo enjoys playing with this ambiguity of meaning, giving the viewer the opportunity to take an active part in the construction of the possible narrative. His work generates emotional intrigue and we see figures loaded with connotations as they descend a stairwell or exit an ornate lift. Beyond the narrative, Aldo displays the skill and talent of a painter who has truly honed his talent and skill through a dedicate process of observation.
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