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Photography Marilu Windvand Wall Art

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Ferris Wheel - contrast black & white Fine Art Print
Ferris Wheel - contrast black & white
12" x 16"
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Marilu Windvand holds a degree from the School of the Visual Arts. She is a graduate of Brooklyn College and has extensive knowledge and expertise from working in the recording industry where she worked as album cover designer and a VP of Pre-Production for 25 years. She realized her true passion was in creating art when she was still a small child. In fact she could spend most of her free time drawing, scribbling, painting and doodling on any surface she could find and using any material she could lay her hands on. She had a supportive family that, after discovering her talents, supported her in all her endeavors to achieve her dreams. She also received support from friends and teachers. She’s now bringing her design talent and fresh ideas to the Home Decor market where she offers a diversified line of color driven artwork and trend.

Marilu does not fear to take even the most complex projects, and she’s able to deliver on her promises within the stipulate time and budget. Sometimes she even exceeds the expectations of her clients. Her art has been to many art exhibitions where they have been the center of attraction and have received very positive comments from viewers and positive criticism from professional critics. These are some of the things that motivate her to continue pushing harder and harder as she continues to improve her art. Marilu likes to associate with other artist with whom they can help one another with current ideas. She also travels a lot to get inspiration.
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