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Eva Skierska Wall Art

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Eva Skierska is a Polish-born artist who loved art from her childhood. She knew that she would become a professional artist later in her life. She worked hard towards achieving her dream until the effort bore fruit. Today she’s one of the leading artists in the world. She first pursued art as a career by painting and selling reproductions of religious icons. She didn't see much value in the icons, and thought that they lacked expression and dimension, but she needed to make a living after losing both of her parents to cancer. As her work progressed, however, Eva began to see her iconic images in a new light and she said that icons are stories told in a simple way. In 1985, she immigrated to Toronto, where she now lives and works.

She continues to produce stunning pieces of artwork and her client base has expanded to include some leading corporations and esteemed individuals. She has managed to develop a unique style that makes her art to be easily recognized among the works of other artists. Although many consider her as a successful artist, Eva still feels that she needs to learn. That’s why she constantly visits art galleries and museums to observe the works of other artists. This has kept her art fresh over the years as she’s at par with the current trends. Eva does not fear to paint. She takes on even the most complex projects and completes them within the stipulated time and budget, and to the satisfaction of her clients.
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