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Kerry Darlington Wall Art

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Kerry Darlington thanks her mother because she made stories to be part of her life long before she was able to pick up a pencil. She says that the magic of words held in stories of legend and myth lies deep within the unchangeable, ancient part of her. Once she began to draw, paintings and stories were always inseparable, intertwined. She’s always been a dreamer and has not been very good with words, so art is her way of expressing herself and translating the celestial knowledge that is bound to her imagination. Artistic ideas often come to her while she listens to a story, or music, or a poem. Or silence within a meditation. Kerry learns from her paintings. They teach her as she paints them. Her paintings begin, most of the times, with a photograph of her children, a doodle from a daydream or a local model.

They are also sometimes inspired by the last painting she worked on. The artist usually has a firm idea of the main composition. However, the rest happens organically as she begins to paint. She uses metallics, acrylic and several layers of resin. She starts with a wooden board cut to the size she requires and primed. First, she draws on the main elements and then she adds in some background color. She always has a plan to this background layer and says it’s the most significant time of her painting process. This is because she needs to have a good idea of which colors she would apply upon the next layer.
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