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Born In Baltimore, Maryland, Williams spent his childhood days in an idyllic setting surrounded by lush landscapes and vibrant scenery. It was here that Williams believes he first became aware of the relationship between shapes and color and the variations of light and shadow found everywhere in his world. It is this keen eye that led him to study his surroundings and to refine techniques for depicting what he saw, resulting in his exquisitely subtle landscapes, filled with mysterious light, that are the hallmark of his work today. Greatly influenced by the luminous style of the Barbizon School, the paintings of artist Williams are dreamscapes of shadow worlds that are a perfect blending of the artist's imagination and the subtleties of nature that he knows so well. Whether his landscapes are filled with blazing red trees reflected in scarlet waters, or brooding night skies obscuring a cold and translucent moon, Williams' paintings are at once whimsical and serene.
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