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Selina Taylor Wall Art

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Boundless Beauty One Fine Art Print
Boundless Beauty One
24" x 27"
Price: $270.99
Sale: $270.99
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Selina Taylor was born in an artistic family. Her father is a ceramic artist and he’s the one who instilled early creative notions in her and this made her to develop a dynamic passion for art. Selina was raised in a town where quaint is mined. The town is situated among the rolling plains of Wyoming. She began her art education in Casper, Wyoming, near to her hometown but later moved to Arizona State University, where she received degrees in painting and drawing concurrently. She has also studied art history in Florence, Italy, and she drew tremendous inspiration from here. The artist has influentially been most attracted to the works of the masters of Post-Impressionism. She says that these artists were interested in the use of the color that the style of Impressionism emphasized, but they creatively used realistic subject matter as well.

She also feels a connection with the artists of the 1950s such as Freud and Bacon. She has an all embracing style and strives to appeal to a wide range of fashion and tastes and to a wide range of audience. In her art, she creates a mood filled with gentle sophistication, light, and warmth. She likes to paint directly to the surface using thick paints in some areas, after which she goes over those areas with a more loose paint, almost like handwriting. She has intense interests in film, theater and music, in addition to her passion for the visual arts. She plans to pursue graduate school in the future to continue her education in the arts.
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