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Jennifer Garant’s work expresses the exuberance and joy found in a life lived to the fullest. "I can't imagine my life without an instrument to paint with or a surface to mark,” she says. "I'm always curious as to what my next painting will be and where it will take me." Born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Jennifer’s artistic career began at the age of three when she started sketching on her closet walls with black markers. These initial endeavors were inspired by her mother. "Everything that she touched she transformed into something of beauty," her mother mused. Jennifer rises very early to start painting, a habit she maintains from when her two grown sons were young. She and her husband Tadd share a studio and paint all day in each other’s company. When they need a break, they loosen up with an energetic game of ping pong. Then, back to the easels to play with more paint. Whether using watercolor or acrylic, Jennifer is always experimenting with imagery and materials. Recently Jennifer and Tadd moved their studio from western British Colombia to Bloomington, Indiana. Travels take them on studio vacations to New Orleans where Jennifer has enjoyed painting for the last twenty years. The food and aesthetic of New Orleans are inspirations for the characters who people her paintings. Jennifer’s work has been commissioned by collectors around the world, from public and private organizations to corporations and celebrities, and has been shown and collected by galleries throughout the U.S. and Canada.
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