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For just over half of her life, Natasha D’Schommer has been viewing and capturing the world, both present and past, through the lens of a camera. Natasha was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and had her first professional photography job at age 16. With this job under her belt, her destiny unfolding, Natasha earned her undergraduate degree from West Sussex, England and her Master of Fine Arts from Vermont. She has worked as a photojournalist and a portrait photographer both in the United States and abroad with work including the Tour de France, an honoree dinner for Katherine Graham and numerous elegant weddings from coast to coast. Her work has appeared in Victoria Magazine, Pottery Barn, several bridal magazines and numerous galleries. Influenced by artists, designers, writers, architects, athletes, dogs and the human spirit, Natasha concentrates on photography but also uses hand-lettering and paint to create her artwork. Her studio is a work in progress, designed to be peaceful, with big views and attached to the house she shares with husband Ladric and dog Rufus. She has recently completed a seven year project at the Scheide Library at Princeton University where she was given the honor of capturing on film for the first time images of some of the rarest books and musical scores in the world. These works included the Gutenberg Bible, Beethoven’s sketchbooks, Emily Dickinson’s letters, first editions of Galileo and Copernicus and rare illustrated editions of Ptolemy as well as original musical scores of J.S. Bach and Mozart. Princeton University will publish a book using the over 200 images. Natasha is a 2005 recipient of the University of Minnesota’s McKnight Fellowship for Photography Award.
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