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Ashley David Wall Art

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Ashley David (Born in 1970s) produces sleek femme forms and color-infused ink sketches that exude a contemporary sophistication that’s the fundamental nature of couture. Ashley has studied and travelled throughout the world’s leading fashion destinations from Milan to New York. The era in which she was born - the era of enchanting Parisian complexity - has made a lasting impression on her artistic vision. She looks at things differently and is able to capture tiny details of her subjects to produce realistic images. Her art speaks with certainty but softly. They attract the viewers by their fascinating blend of gesture, tone, light expression and balance. She’s today considered as on the finest artists in the world. She has participated in many art shows and exhibitions where her art has continued to draw the interest of many other artists and clients as well.

Ashley has built a loyal following of fans who love her fresh take on artwork, and the positive reviews she’s been receiving from art critics have been the force behind her success. Her art is quite common on the walls of many buildings around the world. Her experience has provided her with great insight into textures, trends and color. Over and over again, her images succeeded in winning the hearts of the viewers because they reach to the viewers’ emotions first and then to their intellect. Ashley strives to achieve quality without adding too much complexity or detail. She wants to keep everything simple and doesn’t want too much detail to spoil her unique style.
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