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Allen Hayes Wall Art

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Allen Hayes’ mother was deaf, and therefore he grew in an environment where the “how” and the “what” of communication was very important. Art became a very important tool for communication in this family and he regards the hearing disability of his mother as instrumental in inspiring him to “integrate and develop movement, time, and space into visio-linguistic codices.” Because of this, it is not surprising that his first interests were in Egyptology. This is a specialization where symbols are integral part of communication. His interest in the workings of codes and linguistics lasted well into high school, where it crystallized in painting posters, prints and art. Hayes exhibited strong talent in the media, and this made him to win a scholarship to Northern Illinois University. At the university, he studied printmaking with a concentration on etching. He was under the guidance of professor, Dr. Driesbach who inspired him and also recognized his talent immediately.

The professor introduced him to 2 nationally respected masters in the technique of viscosity printing. Krishna Reddy and Stanley Hayter also influenced hi art. The artist still considers these 3 individuals to be very important in the development of his artistic talent. Because of his relationships with them, he acquired extensive skills in printmaking – the three were enthusiastic for his posters, prints and art. He was also introduced to Renata Motherwell and Robert, whose gallery in Chicago was the first to display Hayes’ art. Hayes wrote reviews and criticisms for a national art publication, and these helped to promote his work.
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