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John Appleton Brown Wall Art

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John Appleton Brown (Born 1844) was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts. He was an impressionist painter in pastels and oils of landscapes and seascapes. At the age of 21, he left his birthplace and went to Boston, and just after one year, he traveled to Europe where he began his artistic training with oils in Paris. He studied the old masters in the Louvre. His style was influenced by Landscape painter Emile Lambinet, but Barbizon painters Daubigney and Corot had a more lasting influence on his art. In 1868, Brown returned to Boston, and 6 years later married Agnes Bartlett, a landscape painter. In 1874, the couple returned to France and painted at Corot's home. In 1875, he returned to Boston where he became friends with artists William Morris Hunt and J. Foxcroft Cole.

Works by these artists, and those who imitated their style sold well and were popular. Brown had strong affinity for blossoming apple orchards and spring scenes so he was nicknamed "apple-blossom Brown". The late 1880s was the peak of his popularity; that’s when he was first exposed to Impressionist landscapes. His paintings focused on New England landscapes for the reminder of his life/career. In 1886 he had a memorable trip to England where he mingled with American painters Charles Parsons, Frank Millet, Edwin Austin Abbey and John Singer Sargent. These artists played a big role in shaping his career as an artist. In 1891 Brown established his studio in New York City, and in 1892 he became a member of the Society of American Artists. His last picture was exhibited at the Society in 1902.
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