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Brett Varney Wall Art

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Brett Varney’s work is rich in color and jaunty energy. He draws from his heart, his mind's eye, and recollections of lost landscapes. He says that artwork feeds the soul and seeks people out. His inspiration is born from the works of the Abstract Expressionists and Impressionists. He’s fascinated by the ability of texture and intense color of line to convey an emotional expression from him to the viewer. On some of his works, he uses the metallic leaf that’s hand cut and this has stepped up the energy level of these pieces with brilliance that’s reflective and that only a metallic surface can provide. He draws because it makes him feel good and energized, and he wants his viewers to experience that same energy that inspires him to create.

He deliberately uses black outlines around the shapes, and he says these are necessary and are intended only to intensify and define the emotion of his art. His images are taken from his travels and from his mind’s eye. He wants a finished work that he can proudly say represents his vision purely. Her artistic background began in grade 5 with illustrations in a magazine titled “Corny.” His family was involved in the art industry from early on. They sold hand-colored pastel drawings and etchings by Varney’s step-mother to galleries and also directly to people at various arts festivals and shows. Being born in an artistic family made him to learn very fast and much of his work just comes out naturally.
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