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Tracey Renee Wall Art

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Tracey Renee (Born 1984) was born in the south side of Chicago, Illinois. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in fine art from The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago. She’s shown he art and Compônere Gallery of Art, Saint Louis Missouri, The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago Illinois, and South Shore Cultural Center, Chicago Illinois. She says that to have a passion for Art, an artist must be an extraordinary person. A person who’s able to create things beyond their own imagination, and this is truly a gift from God. She adds that to be viewed as a talented artist among peers, is far greater than anything she’s ever dreamed - art is her life, the path she chose, and the future she looks upon. She started from crayons and gradually moved to color pencils, then to charcoal and to computers and finally to the camera.

She continues to use the fundamental principles of art regardless of the medium. Within her charcoal drawings, she focuses on shadow, light, texture and mood to create a 3D perspective. Tracy is one of the youngest of 9 sisters and brothers. She started drawing in the first grade where she became the best in her class and became the top artist in the School within a very short time. In 2002, she graduated from Dunbar High School where she majored in marketing and Small Business Entrepreneurship. While in the school, teachers and mentors encouraged her to expand her talent, and so she decided to take her love for art to a whole new level.
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