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Kelly Johnson Wall Art

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Kelley Johnson (Born 1973) was born in Houston, Texas but he currently works and lives in Miami, Florida. Johnson works on Wood, PVC, Acrylic & Flashe, and Canvas. His art explores ways in which paints can be constructed to make them more effective. He’s interested in his paintings as objects through which he communicates with his viewers, and he’s also interested in their ability to illustrate sensations and atmospheres. He uses a repetition of similar shapes to create melodious rhythms within his pieces. His color choices mute or amplify the patterns, makes swathes of emerald green, interrupts muddy grays and there are dashes of hot pink that race against black. The artist received his BFA from Parsons School of Design, New York and his MFA from the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts at Indiana University.

Currently, Johnson’s exhibition has the viewer weaving into the environment from out of the canvases. The exhibition is born in part from his 2011 Works on Paper Series. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally. Some moments within his art willfully declare their presence, while in other moments his art glide by and whisper. He carefully chooses these attributes with and aim of showing how his paintings, rather than remaining static canvases upon a wall, operate as components of a language. Still in other pieces, the artist allows a few simple lines to extend off the edge, while in others, he paints the full surface. He uses these techniques to emphasize the dialog between object and depiction.
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