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Sandy Clark Wall Art

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Born and raised in Ontario artist Sandy Clark finds in each of her paintings, an adventure with mysterious and surprising results. When she got intrigued by the use of various water media, she embarked on an adventure into abstract naturalism. She applies non-traditional techniques, reinterpreting the structural world around us and nature. Sandy approaches her paintings with a passion for visual discovery. She’s represented in many corporate and private collections. Sandy holds a MFA from CSU Long Beach and a BFA from the University of Arizona. Sandy creates magic; hers is more than art. Whether she creates a figure, a landscape or a cityscape, she takes her viewer on a journey through abstract naturalism. Her style is unique and makes her viewers feel as if they have visited the scenes she depicts. Sandy’s reinterpretation of the world around her forms mysterious and beautiful images which are rich in magnetic visual appeal and color.

Her art challenges the viewers to participate further in finding their own truths and symbolism. She travelled from Toronto westwards, and brought with her a splendid understanding of the ins and outs of water-borne vessels, as well as an instinctive ability to construe people and their distinct expressions. Her inspiration was largely drawn from the particular atmosphere and moods of the sea. Her media of choice were oil and watercolor, which she used to effectively create impressions of people she’d met and of the moments of peace she experienced on ocean shores. Sandy died in 2010 leaving behind a large collection of artwork.
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