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Vernon Kerr Wall Art

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Vernon Kerr (1938 – 1982) was a very energetic and talented young man whose enthusiasm for the Laguna Beach and Festival of Arts seemed to be boundless since his parents, and his brothers, his sisters and himself moved there. Within a short time he had already sold enough paintings on the Festival grounds to finance a trip across the country and buy a truck. He used the truck as another way of showing his enthusiasm for his city since it had "Laguna Beach" in large letters painted on the outside. Vernon used the truck to meander across the country, painting and gathering impressions as he moved. He spent some time on the East coast. Despite his youth, he showed considerable maturity in his art - probably because he had been painting ever since he can remember and because his parents gave him every encouragement and support.

Even the years he was in military service did not interfere much with his dream of becoming an outstanding artist. He became a naval illustrator while in the United States Navy and while he was stationed in Japan he set up a studio in his rented Japanese house and sketched the country side and the Japanese people as much as possible. Kerr received numerous awards and honors for his still lifes, portraits and marines, and the dedicated determination he brought to his natural gifts eventually undoubtedly placed him amongst the top artists of the country. Kerr worked from his own studio/gallery for more than 10 years and then he built another at Coeur d'Alene where he lived with his former wife and four children.
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