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Alice Kendal Wall Art

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La Mode 1923 Fine Art Print
La Mode 1923
8" x 20"
Price: $152.99
Sale: $152.99
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Alice Kendal brings breathing, living works of art to life on canvas. With an artistic style and mastery of the brush that is both visually and technically stunning, she’s able to make her figures look so real. Meticulous shading, sharp line details, and beautiful color blending with the precision of a professional illustrator, Alice pulls from the page to create wonderful works of art. As a devoted business owner and mother, ever evolving artist, Alice is leading the charge for a new era of painters. Alice is a multitalented artist who dabbles in almost everything when she gets a chance. She paints when she can. She thinks it’s important to continue doing art because that’s her passion – painting, especially drawing. She’s just recently been doing screen-printing. She wants to continue to grow as an artist as long as she can physically paint or draw. She never wants to get stuck in a rut where she can’t progress as an artist.

She wants to always be trying innovative new things and to push herself to get better as she gets older. Alice finds inspiration everywhere. She sees art in everything. Her family. Her husband who helps keep her grounded. He has good boundaries and sets guidelines, which help her stay focused, which is probably why she has been a successful artist. “Who knows if I would have ever gotten to this point if it wasn’t for him to help me stay focused and complete a project from beginning to end,” she quips. She goes on to say that her family definitely inspires her in life because they help her to manifest her ideas to make them possible.
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