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Harvey Edwards Wall Art

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Harvey Edwards has been in love with art as long as he can remember. He received his first art lesson at the age of 10. He was immediately fascinated by his own ability to express emotions and feelings through his medium. He was even more marveled when he was able to develop a technique he refers to as Lithographic Montage. This is a process in which he created his images as parts of a puzzle; with each piece being is as important as the next. In his technique there are myriad's of steps in achieving the final image as a fine art print. From the initial sketch to the final printing, he controls the intensity or subtleties of color that brings the image to life. Edwards has won worldwide critical acclaim from some of the leading reviewers in the nation. His impeccable prints convey the intensity of his involvement by closing in on the telling details of a scene.

Art Business News while reviewing his work noted that he’s “a master artist who has the sensitivity of expressing true emotions through powerful images which leaves a lasting and dramatic impression on his viewers." Edwards served in the Air Force as aerial and base photographer during the Vietnam War. After he was discharged, he attended the University of Miami where he majored in the fine arts and developing his creativity by studying sculpture and painting. By the end of 10 years after his graduation, he had been honored with 64 solo shows. His work now explores the byways of a broader America.
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