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Andrei Protsouk Wall Art

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Andrei Protsouk (Born 1961) was born in Donet’sk, Ukraine. He was motivated to draw and paint from a young age and would spend most of his time working on his artwork. His parents Anna and Alexander Protsouk noticed his innate creative ability when he was 6 years old. He impressed them with a clay sculpture of a cowboy and an Indian, possibly this was foreshadowing his future life in the United States. His father, a professional photographer, and his mother a calligraphy artist and master embroider, recognized his talent as being exceptional and therefore encouraged him to pursue fine art for the rest of his life. Protsouk completed his high school then he was accepted to the Lugansk State School of Fine Art – this is equivalent to a specialized art undergraduate study in the likes of Cooper Union and Moore Collage of Art and Design in the United States. At the college, his teachers took a particular liking to the style of his drawing and painting; they realized and entertained the idea that Protsouk should pursue a Master’s degree in fine art at the Russian Academy of Arts (formerly the Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In the art world, the Russian Academy of Arts is regarded as one of the leading classical MFA art training programs in the world. Its art education curriculum is transcended from the 18th century European baroque masters. Protsouk was taught under artist Evsey Moiseenko, his dream professor at the time and the revered master. His extraordinary technical skill in quality and composition; he was recommended by his professors to fulfill the commission of the school to put his drawings in the school’s book on exceptional student work and in a soviet collage text book.
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