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Samy Charnine Wall Art

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Samy Charnine (born 1967) was born in Nice, France. He migrated to the United States at the age of 16. The way he portrays his art and his style of painting is pure Charnine. His was of painting was influenced by Masters. He is known for his surreal paintings and he is a very devoted artist who lives a very enclosed life. Charnine makes his own paint from historical pigments. He uses techniques as well as recipes dating back to the Renaissance. He incorporated space, fish, and water in most of his pieces. In some of his paintings he kept the same background and only changed the focus of the image. His paintings are so precise and different from many other artists that paint in this style. Charnine usually destroys some of his own paintings if they don’t meet his own standards.

Winning praise and attention for the sophistication of his ideas and for his technique, Charnine’s paintings are realistic in their detail yet with composition that evokes an emotional response from the viewer. He has participated in many art shows including those that took place at Obernier Gallery, La Jolla, CA, Masters Gallery, Denver, Aspen, CO, Artrium Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland, Deville Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Gallery Adrienne, La Jolla, CA, Sutton Place Fine Art, Newport Beach, CA, Lahaina Gallery, Newport Beach, CA, Le Meridien, Coronado, CA, L'auberge, Del Mar, CA, Marina Gallery, Cannes, France, Monaco Art Center, Monaco, Laura Larkin Gallery, Del Mar, CA, and D.M. Gallery, Del Mar, CA, among others.
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