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Ryuijie (Born in 1950) was born in Otaru, Japan. His family moved to the United States when he was still a young child. Subsequently, the family lived in many places from New Hampshire to Hawaii, and again in Japan, they moved a lot until his father retired from the military. While stationed in Guam, Ryuijie pursued his long time interest in scuba diving and at the same time learned underwater photography. Throughout his childhood, he had shown a serious inclination to the arts. This interest began to materialize during he himself joined the military. After one of his many tours, he went to the Monterey Peninsula where he joined a college and began a successful career in lithography. Since then, he has never looked back. It was in Monterey where he got inspired by an exhibit of Jerry Uelsmann’s photographs, and this propelled him into the practice of black-and-white photography fine art.

He became a professional photographer and has pursued steadfastly his own photographic vision for over more than 30 years. Ryuijie has acquired a reputation for his exquisite palladium/platinum prints, in addition to his traditional black-and-white work. Ryuijie is an exceptionally prolific artist and his career has been highlighted by quite a number of exhibitions - both one-man and group exhibitions. His work has appeared in Photovision, View Camera, Black&White, Camera and Darkroom, Focus and Lenswork magazines. He has published three books, Time and Place, Fragments of Time, and Ryuijie: Photographs, along with smaller catalogs. His first portfolio was published in 1990.
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