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Samuelle Richardson Wall Art

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Samuelle Richardson’s memory of his youth was his rush of emotion as a foreign student. His thrill was a kaleidoscope of edgy style in his adopted country. He never stopped travelling and searching for the discovery of something unimaginable. As a young person, he had an affinity for textile arts, which led him to a career in textile industry. Richardson was curious to know how things are made and he immersed himself in patternmaking, knit design, color correction, textile painting, and print design. As his design work advanced, he saw his concern shift toward fine art and found that it mattered to him more than fashion. He discovered life drawing and the means to communicate expression and gesture.

Wanting to know more about these mysteries led him to the process of 3D art and ecorche studies. He left his design career and entered the world of fine art as a painter. Currently his work involves fabric and hand built armature. He feels more comfortable with the 3D process than painting, and lately he feels more at home in his studio. Richardson is influenced by many people and things some of which strike him as off guard and vulnerable. Gee’s Bent quilts, James Castle’s assemblage, and Paul Klee’s puppets are some of his influencers. He appreciates their improvisation and economy of style. Seeking ways to break free of ingrained practices and vulnerability in his art making, he constantly invents new techniques and works with new material, welcoming the incomplete and rough.
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