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Victor Vasarely Wall Art

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Victor Vasarely (1906 – 1997) was born in Hungary. He is known as a founder of optical art. He grew up in Piešťany and Budapest where he took up medical studies at Budapest University in 1925. In 1927 Vasarely left medicine and joined the Podolini-Volkmann Academy to learn traditional academic painting. In 1928, he joined Sándor Bortnyik's Műhely, Budapest’s center of Bauhaus studies. Műhely was not offering the whole range of its illustrious Bauhaus model. It was cash-strapped only and concentrated on typographic design and applied graphic art. Vasarely’s talent in art was quickly noticed and in 1929 he worked on his Green Study and Blue Study paintings which were a great attraction. In 1930 he married Claire Spinner, his fellow student. Together they had two sons, Jean-Pierre and Andre. While in Budapest, Vasarely worked for a ball-bearings company in designing advertising posters and in accounting.

He became a poster artist and a graphics designer during the 1930s during which time he combined organic images and patterns with each other to create his pieces. In 1930 Vasarely immigrated to Paris where he developed a unique vision which stems from the idea of democratization of the art object. His idea was greatly pushed by the problems he believed were experienced in the world’s cities. He felt that his work could offer a solution by presenting a clear view of the "perception-surface-color" relationship. He developed his style of geometric abstract art. Vasarely worked in various materials but used a minimal number of colors and forms.
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