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Charlotte Klingler is a wonderful designer and fine artist. According to her satisfied clients, working with her is a solid experience. She’s an all-round artist with experience in Beauty Industry, Makeup Artistry, Skin Care, Fragrance, Retail, Makeovers, Sales, Fashion, Customer Service, Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Bridal Showers, Styling, and Glamour. She’s been working as a beauty consultant with Tucson, Arizona Cosmetics from 2014 to date. She has also been working as a self-employed designer/artist for more than 30 years. As an independent fine artist she sells oil paintings and drawings and also commissioned portraits and landscapes. Her fine art prints are available in California through Haddad's Fine Art. As a graphic designer she designed publications as well as store interiors. Charlotte studied at TUSD – Davidson Elementary then proceeded to Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Graphic Design.

Charlotte was an elementary teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade students. Many of her paintings are inspired by her own childhood. The paintings not only vary in subject matter but they also vary in size and media. Charlotte has had a long successful career, receiving continual commissions, and has been favored by many critics who have reviewed her work. Her intense passion for bright colors is evident in all her artwork. The nature of her subject matter is a great inspiration to many upcoming artists. As a professional designer, she specialized in interior and exterior views of many famous buildings. She has participated in many art exhibitions that have added to the popularity of her art.
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