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Ginny Hogan Wall Art

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Ginny Hogan’s studio and home are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a self-taught artist his initial images were inspired by rock and cave art, pecking and paintings called petroglyphs and pictographs made by native peoples all over the world. Hogan attended Colorado State University in 1988 and learned the ancient art of papermaking. The pulp he uses is 100 percent cotton rag. He prepares it in a beater called a Hollander. This, he pours onto a screen then presses it with a sponge to form sheets. When dry, he wrinkles the sheets, rips the edges and coats them with layers of acrylic paint to create an aged effect. This produces a perfect “canvas” ready for a painting. The rock and cave paintings that inspire his work are believed to have been used for shamanic rituals involving hunting, healing, protection and fertility. Hogan has traveled extensively photographing these images and feels a strong connection to the peoples who made them and the spirits that inspired them to paint the images.

These works are basically southwest in nature including bison, horses and desert landscapes reflecting the vibrant turquoise, orange, and red hues so prevalent in Santa Fe. More recently Hogan has started collaging bits and strips of the handmade paper onto canvas to create a sparkling texture that reflect light much like water reflects the sun. Hogan lives in the desert where it is extremely dry, so she takes every opportunity to travel to where water is and over the years she has photographed seascapes and marveled at the magic of the sun playing on the waters.
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